July in Review

It's August already, how crazy is that?! I hope you all had a fab July, what did you get up to? Today I wanted to just create a 'reflective/ review' type of post where I basically talk about what I got up to this month. Honestly, this month hasn't been too hectic, infact the past… Continue reading July in Review


What I Have Loved About Blogging So Far

Ahoy! I hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday. Today for me has just been a day where I have just been relaxing at home, and reading a few blogs. What have you been up to?  Blogging has been something that I have loved, and truly enjoyed every step of the way. This past… Continue reading What I Have Loved About Blogging So Far


Maybelline ‘The Lifter’ Foundation Review

Happy Friday and welcome back to my blog! Today I have another little review for you all, and I am actually pretty excited about this review. I have been looking for a new foundation for awhile now, and I think I might have found one. If you have already read the title, then you probably already… Continue reading Maybelline ‘The Lifter’ Foundation Review